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Mutahhirat » Subjection (Taba'iyat)

215. Taba'iyat means that a najis thing become Pak, in subjection of another thing becoming Pak.

When wine is transformed into vinegar, its container, up to the level wine reached on account of fermentation, will become Pak. But, if the back part of the container became najis because of contact with wine, it should be avoided, even after wine h as transformed into vinegar.

The child of an unbeliever becomes Pak by Taba'iyat, in two cases: If an unbeliever embraces Islam, his child in subjection to him becomes Pak. Similarly, if the mother, paternal grandfather, or paternal grandmother of a child embraces Islam, the child will become Pak, provided that it is in their custody and care. If the child of an unbeliever is captured by Muslims, and his father, paternal grandfather or maternal grandfather is not with him, he becomes Pak. In both the cases, the child becomes Pak by subjection, on the condition that if it has attained the ag e of understanding and discerning, it does not show inclination to Kufr.

The plank or slab of stone on which a dead body is given Ghusl, and the cloth with which his private parts are covered, and the hands of the person who gives Ghusl and all things washed, together with the dead body, become Pak when Ghusl is over.

When a person washes something with water to make it Pak, his hands washed along with that thing, will be Pak when the thing is Pak.

If cloth etc. is washed with under-Kurr water and is squeezed as usual, allowing water to flow off, the water which still remains in it is Pak.

When a najis utensil is washed with under-Kurr water, the small quantity of water left in it after spilling the water of final wash, is Pak.
Mutahhirat » Removal of Najisul Ayn → ← Mutahhirat » Islam
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