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Mutahhirat » Confining (Istibra) of an animal which eats Najasat → ← Mutahhirat » Subjection (Taba'iyat)

Mutahhirat » Removal of Najisul Ayn

222. If body of an animal is stained with an Najisul Ayn like blood or with something which has become najis, for example, najis water, its body becomes Pak when the najasat disappears. Similarly, the inner parts of the human body, for example inne r parts of mouth, or nose or inner ears become Pak, after the najasat has disappeared. But the internal najasat, like the blood from the gums or the teeth, does not make inner mouth najis. Similarly, any external thing which is placed internally in the bo dy, does not become najis when it meets with the internal najasat. So if the dentures come in contact with blood from other teeth, it does not require rinsing. Of course, if it contacts najis food, it must be made Pak with water.

If food remains between the teeth, and blood emerges within the mouth, the food will not be najis if it comes in contact with that blood.

Those parts of the lips and the eyes which overlap when shut, will be considered as inner parts of the body, and they need not be washed when external najasat reaches them. But a part of which one is not sure whether it is internal or external, m ust be washed with water if it meets with external najasat.

If najis dust settles on a cloth or carpet, but is shaken off and thereafter, something wet touches that cloth etc. that thing will not become najis.
Mutahhirat » Confining (Istibra) of an animal which eats Najasat → ← Mutahhirat » Subjection (Taba'iyat)
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