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Mutahhirat » Disappearance of a Muslim

227. When body, dress, household utensil, carpet or any similar thing which has been in the possession of a Muslim becomes najis, and thereafter that Muslim disappears, the things in question can be treated as Pak, if one believes that he may have was hed them. But the recommended precaution is that he should not take them as Pak, except with the following conditions:
That Muslim should be believing in the najasat of an object which made his body or dress najis. For example, if his dress with its wetness touches a Kafir, and he does not believe a Kafir to be najis, his dress will not be deemed Pak after his disap pearance. That Muslim should know that his body or dress has touched a najis thing. That the man should have been seen using that thing for a purpose which requires it being Pak. For example, he should have been seen offering prayers with that dress. There should be an expectation that the Muslim knows that the condition for the act he wants to perform is to be Pak. For example, if he does not know that the dress of one who offers prayers should be Pak, and he offers prayers with a najis dress, that dress cannot be considered to be Pak. The Muslim should be conscious of the difference between najis and Pak, and that he should not be careless about it. If he is careless, his things will not be considered Pak.

If a person is certain or satisfied that a thing which was najis has become Pak, or if two just persons testify showing why it is Pak, then that thing is Pak. And similarly, when a person who possesses the najis thing, reliably says that it has b ecome Pak, or when a Muslim has washed the najis thing with water, even if it may not be known whether or not he has washed it properly, the thing will be considered Pak.

If a person undertakes to wash and make Pak the dress of another person and confirms having washed it, and if the other person is satisfied with what he is told, the dress is Pak.

If a person is in such a mental state that he can never be certain about a najis thing becoming Pak, he should follow the method used by the common people.
Mutahhirat » Draining of blood from the slaughtered animal → ← Mutahhirat » Confining (Istibra) of an animal which eats Najasat
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