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Ruling 1100. One must perform the [parts of the] prayer in close succession, i.e. he must perform acts such as rukūʿ, sujūd, and tashahhud one after the other, and he must say those things that are said in prayers one after the other in a normal manner. If a person delays between the acts to the extent that it cannot be said he is performing prayers, his prayer is invalid.

Ruling 1101. If during prayers one inadvertently pauses between letters and words but the pause is not long enough for it to break up the form of the prayer, in the event that he has not started performing the rukn after it, he must say those letters or words in the normal manner. If he has said something after it, it is necessary that he repeat it, and if he has started performing the rukn after it, his prayer is valid.

Ruling 1102. Prolonging rukūʿ and sujūd and reciting long surahs does not break muwālāh.
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