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A statement by an official source in the office of His Eminence-
Last night His Eminence Ayatollah Sistani had an incidental strain to his left leg which resulted in a fracture to his thigh bone and he will undergo surgery today, God willing, under the supervision of an Iraqi medical team.
We request all believers not to forget praying to Allah the Almighty for his recovery.

Question & Answer » Friendship

1 Question: Is it permissible for a boy of fifteen years to have a girlfriend?
Answer: Friendship with a non-Mahram is not allowed.
2 Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim to have a non-Muslim friend?
Answer: A Muslim is allowed to take non-Muslims for acquaintances and friends, to be sincere towards them and they be sincere towards him, to help one another in fulfilling the needs of this life.
3 Question: Is it permissible to exchange greetings and gifts with a non-Muslim, if he is a neighbour or a co-worker, etc.?
Answer: If he does not express hatred towards Islam and Muslims in words or actions, there is no problem in doing what is required in friendship like being good and charitable towards him.
4 Question: I have a girlfriend whom I like to marry in future, can I express my love to her?
Answer: All kinds of relationship with a girl including joking, expressing love and becoming intimate are forbidden, before consuming the marriage contract (Nikah)
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