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1 Question: What’s the ruling for men attending mixed places such as swimming pools and gyms, where women are usually indecently dressed?
Also what’s the ruling supposing that there is no lustful indecent look from the man.
Answer: Attending mixed swimming pools is not permissible, and also places that men and women are indecently dressed (semi nude) if it results in a sin (Haram), also in accordance to obligatory precaution they should be avoided even if does not result in a sin (Haram).
2 Question: Is it permissible to attend a social gathering (non-Religious or non-educative gathering) in which women are in complete, proper Hijab?
Answer: It is permissible per se.
3 Question: Can a Muslim individual take part in lectures, seminars, etc. in which women are in complete, proper Hijab?
Answer: There is no problem in it.
4 Question: Can I eat at the house of Ahle Kitab even though their books aren't the true Bible and Torah?
Answer: If their food is made from the meat of an animal which has not been slaughtered according to Islamic rules, it is not permissible; otherwise, there is no problem.
5 Question: What is the limit and scope of interaction for a convert to Islam whose family are not Muslims – they may either be People of the Book or non-believers? What guidance would you offer them?
Answer: He must keep good relation with his parents, brothers and sisters and behave in such a manner that they are attracted towards the religion of Islam.
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